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Evolved for time(period) to give the biggest comfort. The rich decoration and the magnificent furnishing strengthened the luxury impression(printing) which got free of the set(group), to testify to the visitors of the prosperity of his(her) owner. We say that the building(ship) account 365 openings, symbolic figure, but this remains to verify. Built stone fair of Nivernais, forwarded at great expense, and covered with a roof of slates, he(it) is surrounded with a vast raised park where see each other an ornamental lake as well as one orangery and spacious stables.

In 1960, the castle was sold by the heirs of the family Noailly and became an establishment for handicaped children. Then this activity stopped and, more recently, the castle became a luxury hotel, with outdoor swimming pool opened on the magnificent park, regrettably from now on closed. During the sale of the castle, the paintings(boards) which decorated walls were ready left in position and also left the family possessions. This is the way Ernest Noailly's portrait, founder, got lost. It remains to find him(it) for connaitre the face of the man which transformed so much this place..

03150 Sanssat

Distances :
Moulins : 40 km
Montluçon : 80 km
Vichy : 20 km

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